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Farmer Amardeep Singh and his associates are sending paddy stubble to other states

Gidderbaha, Sri Muktsar Sahib, 14 November
 Amardeep Singh, a youth of Gurusar village of district Sri Muktsar Sahib, along with his five companions, has planned a project to convert the paddy subble into a straw bales and send it to other states. Amardeep Singh Minto's group, along with his colleagues Karamjit Singh, Mandeep Singh, Ravneet Singh, Mandeep Singh and Yadvinder Singh, have so far prevented burning  stubble in more than 1900 acres in his adjoining villages.

Amardeep Singh said that he along with his colleagues had started this project this year. In their group they have two balers through which they collect the stubble from fields by making bales with an average weight of 20kg each bale. They have installed machine which convert stubble material to loose straw and then with one another machine same is compressed to make straw bale. The size of a knot is only 4 feet tall, 2 feet wide and 2 feet high. In this way, it becomes easy to store and transport.
Amardeep Singh said that they are sending these straw bales for use as fodder for livestock to the states where there is a shortage of fodder. They send these bales to Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra. He said that in those states there is a shortage of fodder and people use it as fodder for their livestock. It is noteworthy that straw can be used as fodder with other fodder locally as well, while in winter it can be used to protect the animals from cold.
Amardeep Singh said that he was constantly encouraging the farmers not to burn the stubble but to dispose of it in different ways. He said that he does not take any money from the farmer to collect the straw from the farmer's farm and he has collected the straw from 1900 acres from his surrounding villages till now.
The Deputy Commissioner of District, MK Aravind Kumar, lauded such enthusiasts, saying that the straw is not a problem but it is a wealth if we mamage it properly. He appealed to the farmers to seek guidance from Amardeep Singh and his associates so that they should dispose of the straw properly instead of burning it.

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